About the Awards

The UX Design Awards are a singular competition focused on advanced man technology interaction. The contest acknowledges the exceptional and rapidly growing importance of user integration in all areas of life.

The competition honors excellent user experience in electronic products, digital services and environments. A concept award section places the spotlight on future oriented prototypes and interaction research.

The awards are exclusive. The number of competition participants is limited to 50 per year. All successfully nominated solutions are exhibited and adjudicated at IFA, the global technology show in Berlin, Germany, drawing the attention of an international trade and public audience.

Creating User Experiences

The UX Design Awards honor a holistic design approach that creates flawless user experiences by placing people first.

What is the future of seamless man-technology interaction? How can products and services fulfill changing needs and expectations? What are future users longing for?

In a complex ecosystem of connected products and services, positive experiences increase user acceptance, driving market success.


Intuitive design creates products and services that add human value. Businesses that promote their user focus strengthen customer loyalty and their brand value.

The UX Design Awards offer great communication value. A distinction for excellent user experience enhances the recognition of products, services and brands on the global market.

The competition is annually bestowed by International Design Center Berlin (IDZ), a leading non-profit institution for design promotion in Germany.

“Experience or User Experience is not about good industrial design, multi-touch, or fancy interfaces. It is about transcending the material. It is about creating an experience through a device.” – Marc Hassenzahl