Application Form

To participate in the UX Design Awards competition, please access the password-protected application portal:

Online Application Form

For each submission please provide the following data:

  • Information on the submitting entity, designers and product manager
  • Brief insights about the submission: Use case, target group, solution approach, USP and user integrated development process (max. 200 characters incl. spaces, English and German)
  • 1 preview image: GIF, PNG, or JPG (RGB), 215 x 215 pixels
  • 1–4 print resolution images: JPG (RGB), width and height max. 5,000 pixels, max. 10 MB per image
  • Film materials: Product film and short explainer video (illustration of the use flow and key USP of the solution, duration: 30 – 60 sec., low-tech version, e.g. mobile phone clip)
  • For digital solutions: Software access for the jury (e.g. test or demo versions for apps or software products)

For additional information about the competition please see the subsequent menu items. To download detailed participation information please visit our download page.

For any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.