Evaluation Criteria

The UX Design Awards focus on the positive impact of people-centric solutions, concepts and research.

The jury’s key evaluation criteria include:



  • Significant improvement of a situation
  • Creation of new added value for relevant user groups
  • Consideration of the overall context of a solution
  • Solution of a substantial challenge



  • Improvement of human abilities
  • Access to new fields of application and knowledge
  • Strengthening of inclusion and participation



  • Finding innovative solutions for a real challenge
  • Use of novel technologies for higher added value
  • Identification of emerging fields of action and development of new solution strategies


User-centric design

  • Convincing and consistent design, customizability
  • Intuitive operability and universal comprehensibility
  • Coherence of service offering, positive user experience across all touchpoints


Category “UX Design Award | Vision”

Specific evaluation criteria apply in the competition category for future concepts:

  • Perception of relevant future challenges
  • Derivation of convincing fields of action
  • Development of visionary solution concepts
  • Anticipation of future technologies, novel experiences and interaction concepts
  • Development of positive future scenarios in the overall context of people, society, environment and economy


Additional criterion: Responsibility

  • Strengthening of social values and social cohesion
  • Democratization of technologies, use of open systems
  • Consideration of sustainable principles and resource saving