Submission Period

November 2018 – March 31, 2019

Digital submissions may be registered via a password-protected online application form. In the online participant profile, up to six competition entries may be securely set up, edited and digitally submitted. A registration fee is due for submitted entries only.

Upon expiration of the submission deadline, entries are reviewed to confirm their compliance with competition regulations.

First Jury Deliberations: Nominations

April – May 2019

Among all valid submissions, an expert jury panel nominates fifty outstanding solutions to participate in the competition for the UX Design Awards. Each nominated entry earns the distinction “UX Design Award | Nominated”. Selected participants may decline from their nomination within a notification period of seven work days. For accepted nominations, nomination fees become due.

May 2019

Delivery of digital data for all nominated product solutions and concepts, as well as original products or prototypes respectively for the second round of jury deliberations.

Second Jury Deliberations: Award Decisions

June 2019

In a second step, the jury selects up to ten award winners among all nominated projects. Awards are bestowed in the categories “UX Design Award | Product” and “UX Design Award | Concept”. Across all categories, the jury names one “UX Design Award Gold” winner, who is considered the “best of the best” in the competition. Decisions are made on the basis of submitted digital data, original products and prototypes.

July – August 2019

Production phase: Preparations for the nominee exhibition, the award ceremony and of public relations. Interim storage or delivery of nominated original products and prototypes for the nominee exhibition.

Nominee Exhibition at IFA

September 6 – 11, 2019

All nominated product solutions and concepts are presented in an extensive exhibition to the trade audience, press and public at the global technology show IFA in Berlin.

Award Ceremony – UX Design Awards 2019

September 6, 2019

The winners of the jury award categories “UX Design Award Gold”, “UX Design Award | Product” and “UX Design Award | Concept” are announced in a festive ceremony during the IFA show.

Voting for the Audience Award

September – October 2019

All competition nominees participate in an extensive public online poll among users worldwide. The result determines the winner of the title “UX Design Award | Public Choice”.

Winner Announcement: Audience Award 2019

November 2019

The winner of the “UX Design Award | Public Choice” is announced to the public and the press at the beginning of November.


To access the detailed participation information for 2019 please visit our download page.