The UX Design Awards build on the success of annual “Usability Award” and “Usability Park” exhibitions by International Design Center Berlin – recognizing and promoting user-centered innovation at IFA since 2008.

The International Design Center Berlin (IDZ) is a leading independent German institution for the promotion of design as a driver of business and social innovation. Its members include design oriented companies, design consultancies, institutions and creatives.

IDZ implements projects at national and international levels in dialogue with businesses, governments, education and research institutes. In doing so, it cooperates with networks and institutions throughout Europe.

A professional association for design consultancies and companies, the IDZ provides access to innovators from the design field, as well as expertise in areas such as user centered design, circular design and business innovation.




The UX Design Awards are produced by IDZ Designpartner Berlin GmbH (Ltd.) on behalf of International Design Center Berlin.