The Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia

Citizen-Oriented Judicial System

The various parties involved in court proceedings (witnesses, victims, defendants, etc.) face specific problems during a trial. The developed concept is an end-to-end service tool to improve the user experience in a court case, designed from the users’ point of view. The tool connects physical and digital touchpoints; from the reception of a written invitation, a website with general information to web applications with personalized judicial information, mobile notifications etc.

Jury Statement

Transparency is a cornerstone of a democratic society. Nevertheless, many public services and processes still resemble a black box, accessible only to specialists or journalists. It is important to inform citizens and empower them to use vital public services. This concept is particularly compelling because it improves social relations and the emancipation of citizens through greater clarity and better access to information. In addition, greater transparency enables public administrations to identify and embrace necessary changes.