Miele & Cie. KG

Induction Hob KM 6363

Miele’s KM 6363 is an induction hob operated independently of an oven, having its own knob controls. The frame on all sides protects the edges of the glass screen and adds to the robust appeal of the product. The high-power PowerFlex area offers maximum flexibility and a wide range of cooking applications. Even large pots and pans are heated quickly and effortlessly. The 5 kW booster capacity guarantees the shortest of heat up times in WaterBoost and TwinBoost modes.


The combination of traditional knobs and modern induction technology offers users a high-level of convenience and enables safe and intuitive operation. The arrangement of the knobs along the side of the unit allows direct assignment to the respective rings. The indexed knob is easy to grip and indicates the selected power setting from a distance.