NUC Electronics Europe GmbH

Kuvings Quiet High-Power Vacuum Blender

Kuvings Quiet High-Power Vacuum Blender offers a powerful motor with a maximum speed of 32,000 rpm. It provides instantaneous maximum power of 3.5 hp to blend various ingredients into a smooth and creamy texture. The device creates a vacuum to minimize the contact with oxygen – even during high-speed blending. As oxidation of fruits and vegetables is diminished, vitamins, nutrients and minerals remain intact – thus they can be taken as a drink.

User Experience

Kuvings Quiet High-Power Vacuum Blender comes in an elegant, minimal design. Thanks to its innovative noise reduction cover you can start blending early in the morning without waking anybody up. Due to Kuvings’ high-speed, it significantly reduces blending time which means less nutritional loss. Most of all, users will enjoy the blending results: the drinks come in intensive colors, taste fresh and are full of vitamins.