Hounö A/S

Let’s Cook

Let’s Cook is a cloud-based tool that simplifies work routines for professionals in the food service industry. A controlled, closed environment provides managers with great overview of their oven fleet and empowers chefs to monitor their ovens anytime, anywhere. Distribution of recipe programs to more restaurants becomes a simple one-step task. Let’s Cook helps its users to proactively prevent operational issues – avoiding unnecessary downtime for more convenient cooking. Finally, Let’s Cook permits cost-control and optimized procedures through access to oven consumption data.

User Experience

A customer journey ideation workshop led to the first Let’s Cook prototype. User research revealed the working procedures of chefs, managers and technicians. Their needs, preferences and feedback have driven the further development process. Let’s Cook enhances the oven experience by making valuable services available in the cloud. Chefs, service technicians and category buyers are greeted with the simplicity and a consumer product look & feel. From big chains to solo restaurants users will only meet functions relevant to their role and level of responsibility, resulting in less noise and a better workflow.