Renson Ventilation nv

Renson Healthbox 3.0 – User application

Healthbox 3.0 is a smart and fully autonomous ventilation eco-system. It provides fresh and healthy air in any home. This new generation of demand-controlled ventilation communicates with the user through the Healthbox app. Thanks to the built-in sensors that continuously measure the level of humidity, CO2 and VOC, the Healthbox 3.0 can adapt the ventilation levels where and when necessary. The ventilation activity and the realtime air quality is communicated in the user app through multiple layers, from simple colors to complex graphs. This allows users to continuously monitor the air quality in their homes and see how healthy it is.

User Experience

The ventilation system Healthbox 3.0 can work fully automatically – users do not need to control it actively. However, the user app offers a transparent overview of the current indoor air quality and the actual status of the system. Thus, it increases awareness of the necessity to ventilate and the positive impact on one’s health. The interface translates abstract datasets into AI text and colorful, interactive graphs. Next to an overview of the ventilation and status of all individual areas, it offers tips and tricks to help the user making his living environment even healthier.