The smartphone app “Rosacea-Tagebuch” (Rosacea-Diary) has been developed for more than four million rosacea patients in Germany. It enables those affected to document symptoms and automatically evaluate their inputs. Thereby, personal risk factors can be identified and avoided, which minimizes the occurrence of the disease and increases the quality of life. The comprehensive documentation also supports doctors in their therapy efforts. In addition, the app provides a glossary, advice, ploys as well as a podcast that deliver detailed information about the incurable skin disease.

User Experience

The user experience development process focused on optimizing the process of recording disease symptoms in an intuitive way, while using functions available in mobile devices. The interface and essential, user-centred functions, such as a diary with recording capabilities, have been developed with a heuristic approach in collaboration with experts from the medical field. Intuitive and appealing visuals of logged data support straightforward conclusions about trigger factors, enabling patients to avoid symptoms of the disease.