Damen Shipyards

Tugboat Alarm, Monitoring and Control System

Tugboat captains and chief engineers increasingly struggle to monitor and control their systems onboard. The increase in automation has resulted in an information overload. Especially in the challenging contexts, like sailing in bad weather under the bow of a big vessel, a lack of intuitiveness leads to critical and unsafe situations. This HMI adapts the information supply to the need in different contexts and provides tailored dashboards to both the captain and chief engineer.

Jury Statement

The Tugboat Alarm, Monitoring and Control System stands out for its innovative visual design and user-centered development process, especially in the context of the maritime industry. The system balances visual material and data well. Being both context- and role-sensitive, it is a flawless example of a tailor-made approach that meets the requirements of different user groups, including naval captains and engineers.