Exozet Berlin GmbH

ZDF Mediathek

Exozet’s holistic concept for the new ZDF Mediathek – the online media library for German public-service TV broadcaster ZDF – bridges the gap between linear and non-linear television. The new platform incorporates many user-oriented features including on-demand content, personalization as well as adaptable transmedia formats and social media. Exozet’s holistic concept aimes to combine both the unifying viewing experience of classic television and the convenience of modern, digital on-demand services.

User Experience

In partnership with the German broadcasting channel ZDF, Exozet developed a holistic concept covering the entire customer journey across all devices. The agency implemented a responsive front end, all micro services and the entire back end. The new CMS shall ultimately supply all ZDF platforms with content. In that sense, the new ZDFmediathek offers a seamless user expe-rience that presents itself to users as one product, regardless of which platform they might use. With the ZDFmediathek, ZDF has the ability to combine its users’ digital consumption environment with the approach of a major television broadcaster.