13 Dec 2023 ➜ Deep Dive: Award Winners | Diia App ++

13 Dec 2023 ➜ Deep Dive: Award Winners | Diia App ++

Jewels of the Sea

In his presentation New Talent Award Winner Maximilian Seeger walks us through his project “Jewels of the Sea”.

About the Project: “Jewels of the Sea”

Winner of the "UX Design Award | New Talent 2022"

Download the presentation (PDF)

We have diatoms to thank for every fourth breath we take. After all, these microscopic single-celled photosynthetic organisms produce about a quarter of the world's oxygen. Yet, although diatoms are essential for the carbon cycle, they are only known to a small circle of people. This installation makes it possible to interact with digitally generated diatom models and examine the living microcosm surrounding us in real-time.

UXDA Jury member Oliver Gerstheimer about the project:

"JEWELS presents an ingenious interaction and experience on several levels: it enlarges small yet essential elements of life, making them understandable for laymen and scientists alike. Its hybrid and interactive setup brings diatoms – a species largely unknown to humans – to life in an impressive way, presenting their unique aesthetics and being in a didactic and playful way. The microcosm of diatoms is processed in real-time and transmitted as a live microscopic image, creating a fascinating and tangible user a 3D experience."

About the Format:

Talent Track: Award Winners presents outstanding projects from the New Talent award category. The format, live interactive presentations followed by a Q&A session, offers a behind-the-scenes look at award-winning projects and shines a spotlight on some of the most promising “young guns” in experience design.


Maximilian Seeger

Visual Communication Designer