1 March at 5pm CET: Winners revealed ➜ Register

1 March at 5pm CET: Winners revealed ➜ Register


Yueh-Ju Chou




New Talent




Tunghai University


Kai-Chu Li

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»Discarded toys create a significant amount of waste. RETOY aims to extend the product life cycle of toys through an exchange and recycle platform to decrease waste and increase availability. RETOY outlines a detailed service map, user flow, and business model to support parents, schools, and non-profits in the goal of responsibly passing on toys that have been outgrown, making them available to those who need and will play with them. The project effectively leverages data and research to illustrate the opportunity size, and the app design is thoughtful in how it catalogues toys, incentivizes donation, and even offers parts for purchase so that broken toys might get a second life. The jury was enthusiastic about RETOY's sustainability focus and the thoroughness of its design solution.«

Jessie Kitchens